Korean clothing brands male fashion trends
Korean clothing brands male fashion trends

The Latest 2020 Korean Men Fashion

On the Korean Wave or “Hallyu wave”, fashion is always in front. And the fashionable men are at the forefront of the wave.

Picking the right outfit and finding the perfect sandals or shoes to complete the look isn’t always easy. That being said, being a stylish man does requires a lot of effort — tremendous effort. That’s probably why most men nowadays follow the latest Korean fashion trends.

We have always come across men who are fashion lovers or talented dressers and are known for their good dressing sense, they are the Korean men. People do keep them in the spotlight today because they have an amazing sense of style. Attracting women have never been hard for them. Korea is one of the most fashionable countries in Asia, known for its quirky and notable trends. The South Korean fashion scene has seen a lot of growth thanks to the popularity of K-pop idols and K-actors and actresses all over the world.

Korean men are always updated with the newest styles and outfits. They are seen wearing clothes that are top trending. Men are known for being not choosy and being simple with the way they wear. So, gentlemen, you don’t need to have lots of clothes to look stylish. You can always slay them with a few clothes and still do better. It is very important to look good when you head out. Girls and women nowadays are big fans of Korean male celebrities due to their cute facial looks and hairstyles. Korean men definitely won the hearts of the women with their fashion taste. K-fashion really dominated and changed the fashion world.

2020 is going an epic year for men’s fashion, and one of the year’s biggest trends comes the Korean fashion trends. Korean men’s fashion come big in the industry. Because its popularity is increasing, you might want to ride in the trend. Here are the latest 2020 Korean fashion trends for males:


Dressing in one hue from head to toe is decidedly cool-guy chic and appears completely effortless, so it’s no wonder monochromatic outfits are the unofficial uniforms of Korean men. Although black and white are the typical players for monochrome, you can always mix colors from the same color family. Monochrome outfits are a huge hit among the guys, in general, not just the Korean guys.

Men’s wardrobe is never complete without a simple black or white shirt. You can never go wrong with wearing monochromatic. This fashion style is definitely the go-to fashion style of most men especially the ones who do not want to go extreme with their outfits. This can work with different styles. In the monochrome fashion trend, you playing with the colors in the same color family for your overall look.

Oversized Shirts and Jackets

Korean fashion makes use of oversized clothing a whole lot. The oversized shirts are a trend reminiscent of the ’90s grunge era. However, it has been relive just recently and is dominating the year 2020. This style isn’t just for the men but the ladies also. For this kind of style, balance and proportionality are the keys in perfecting this. Oversized tops are like a trademark for the Koreans, and until now, no one does it better than them. Oversized shirts and jackets

Korean men wearing oversized stripes shirts paired with simple shorts or jeans attract women easily. This style also gives a cute impression. This look requires relatively low effort. These shirts are incredibly easy to look good in.  Men go on a night out and wear these and still shine under the night.


Stripes are the always favorite in any season in Korea. Light colored stripes will do the thing for this season, these are definitely a thing in the summer season. It is very comfortable and you will not feel hot because of the soft colors playing on your shirt. I bet you have one of these in your wardrobe. Striped tops look absolutely amazing not only because it features stripes, but also because the design is super groovy and high-end.

Sometimes minimalistic designs such as stripes gives more volume to your look than you imagine. Stripes are pretty stylish, in simple way. You will look good no matter what you pair it up with. Stripes are kind of a must-have for Korean men, you should probably have one yours now.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been a trend way back years or even decades ago but is it still present in the modern fashion era and shows no sign of disappearance. Simply put, leather jackets never go out of fashion. Leather has the magic of making everything look better, especially black and the brown leather.

When you are wearing a simple plain tee and jeans, adding a leather jackets gives more volume and spices up your look more, not to mention you will look hot. There’s a thing about leather jackets screams sophistication. Also, leather jackets are a trade mark for the bad boy image which ladies are so crazed to see.

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets have lately been seeing a huge boom in not just in the Korean markets, but also globally. Aside from the leather jackets, puffer jackets are kind of the new thing for the cool, bad guys image you want to portray. And just like leather jackets, puffer can definitely go with anything simple. You will look like you just came out fresh from the Victorian era. Puffer jackets exhibit Korean fashion funkiness. Man, you will definitely turn heads when you wear puffer jackets. Catching the ladies’ eyes would not be a problem with this kind of style. Cool!

Trench Coat

The trench coat is one of the most iconic South Korean fashion clothing there is. Many Korean male idols and actors wear this during premieres, shoots, and even on an ordinary day out. Fans are crazed seeing their idols wear a trench coat. The charm of a trench coat lies in the air of sophistication it brings to the overall attire. It’s fit also magnifies the male profile such as height and shoulders.

In the winter, the trench coat really is the must-have. You can protect yourself from the cold and also slay the outside world. A trench coat gives the male lead or second lead vibe. You will be like the protagonist of your own life drama. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Long Sleeves Polo

A long sleeves polo is often worn with the first button undone, giving out a  little sexiness to your whole look. A classy and straightforward Korean go-to look is the long sleeves polo paired with slacks or jeans. You can even pair it up with shorts. Now, that is definitely a cool look, which could exude the hotness in you.

This style is flexible and can fit casual or formal occasions. Whether you match it with your favorite jacket or wear it with the  sleeves rolled up, this must-have style is a simple yet striking fashion statement. Also, it can exhibit your long, broad arms which is definitely a turn-on to the ladies lurking around you.

Loafers and Boots

Korean men love the comfort of a classic pair of sneakers, or the ease of canvas shoes, sometimes but they’re not the most stylish choice for the outfit. Sometimes a man just needs that good pair of black loafers and boots to go with their look, especially the combination of boots with skinny jeans. Gosh, you would definitely look like a Korean movie star when you wear the perfect pair; jeans and loafers or boots. Korean men also do not shy away from their shoes being equipped with a bit of heel, you can say it’s not just a girl thing. Why not look a little taller while you’re at it, eh?

Multiple Layered Clothing

The layered clothing trend is another cool Korean fashion trend. You’ll see the multiple layer trend in Korean fashion a lot, be it females or males.  Multiple t-shirts and multiple sweaters are one example for this kind of style. This style gives a pretty gutsy look.

This definitely is the recommended must-try outfit because it’s edgy and fashion-forward. Safe choices are a thing of the past, you should be brave enough to try the new things. Pretty sure no one has ever thought to do this but now that it’s present, you should definitely give it a try.

Rich Business Man Look

You can typically see the rich business man look in Korean dramas. This fashion style oozes class and refinement. To perfect get this ensemble, you’d need a plain wool shirt underneath, plaid pants and the iconic coat. And oh, let us not forget the designer bag and the stylish sunglasses.

Of course, the black and white colors go perfect for this setup, but you can always explore especially the lighter and brighter colors to achieve the overwhelming level of perfection for this getup. This look definitely catches the eyes of the women around. With the oozing confidence and class of this look, who wouldn’t turn their heads for you?

Half-Tucked Shirt

You can do the half-tucked shirt style with ease. Definitely a simple step, but would definitely add to your overall look. Korean men do this a lot and they’re absolutely rocking it. You can do this in formal and informal events or occasions. Simple. All you need to do is tuck one end and leave the other one hanging. Simple yet stylish.

Add this with the unbuttoned sleeve, now, that is a statement look. Pair this with shorts or a simple trouser or jeans, your look will be complete. Who would have thought that you can Korean men can have this kind of idea? And, spread it like fire. Korean fashion really influences the world and they are not holding back.


The athleisure trend has been gaining steady popularity for the past few years and doesn’t show signs of slowing any time soon. Korean fashion is no exception and in fact, athleisure is incredibly well-executed in South Korea, where high fashion pieces are expertly paired with casual basketball shorts, baseball caps, and joggers. The style is genius, really: Comfortable yet stylish enough to go literally anywhere. That being said, it is a comfortable fashion statement for anyone to try.

Balance a casual gym-ready pieces with something slightly more refined and make the athleisure look as your own. Explore and experiment on your ideas. This fashion trend isn’t just for the men but for the women also. A lot of women with a great fashion taste do execute this fashionable getup and slays anywhere especially in the gym.

The Logo Craze

In Korean street fashion, logos have been gradually getting bigger and bolder. Clothing manufacturers keeping up with the demand for the logo craze trend. Any outfit with just a logo is fashionable enough to get people’s attention. Especially when you are wearing the brands that are really looked up to by most people. The only hard and fast rule when it comes to the logo craze is to stick to wearing one brand at a time. There are a lot clothing brands out there that you can choose from.

In order to successfully pull off the logo craze, you must avoid wearing multiple brands’ logos and go minimal on the other parts of your outfit to give emphasis to the logo you are showcasing. If you aren’t ready to flaunt your favorite logo so proudly, try to consider a printed scarf and tuck it into your jacket. That is quite the problem-solver, yeah?

 Ripped Denim

You can say that ripped pants are old news but it’s being kept fresh by its continuous appearance not just in Korea but also in most countries where the fashion industry is a huge thing. So, it is not necessarily new but its popularity is increasing quite dramatically. Ripped denim can be seen almost everywhere, on both men in the form of pants and in women in the form of pants and skirts and even jackets. Ripped denim can be paired with plaid shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and even coats. That’s how versatile it is.

It is important to not overdo things. Some people say that the more destroyed the jeans are, the better; but that’s not it. You must always remember to not go that far. This trend fits right in with the other Korean fashion trends. This even complements some of them really well. And just like with oversized clothing, balance everything in order to pull this look off. Limit just right the tears to your jeans and pair them with something more refined.

You can find this in fashion stores. You can always go for store-bought or you can go for DIY. You can find tutorials on how to do ripped denim in the internet. Do not stay behind, try this fashion style and keep up with the trend.


In the Korean fashion industry, neon colors are a popular choice. You can see various K-pop idols in their music videos and performances, and other stars sporting outfits featuring bursts of neon colors in it. This fashion statement attracts the eyes pretty quickly, so you can be sure your outfit will liven up and draw attention if you choose to go with such colors.

If you want to go for something exciting and worth noticing, neon is the perfect choice. You can make a relatively simple outfit standout if you just pair it up with a splash of neon. Neon has been popping up in Korean fashion for some time now and it seems it will continue to enjoy popularity at the peak. Remember that the neon trend isn’t for the faint of heart. You must be confident; with however you choose to wear this fashion style, you must not hold back.

Mix & Match

The mix and match trend, perhaps, is the most glorious of all the Korean fashion trends. Technically, a trend is something you follow to keep up with but the mix and match has no rules. It’s a trend but not a trend. A little confusing, but you get the idea. In this trend, ignore the fashion lessons and rules you’ve ever been told. This is where experimentation and creativity take place.

Literally anything goes with this trend. That’s the beauty of it. You can try anything you can think of and create something you never expect to create. Again, there are no rules. This fashion trend is for the brave and the bold. If you are scared enough to try something new and you might think crazy, then don’t. This trend is for the gutsy people. You must have the confidence. As what they say, confidence is key.

Straight Cut Jeans

Riding in the Hallyu fashion, straight cut jeans are the rage. When you are looking for a simple Korean outfit for men, this comfortable get-up is a perfect choice. The jeans give will give enough beauty to your overall look. Pair it with graphic tees or any simple tee, and you are good to go. Finding a tattered version is a bonus. Of course, you can do a DIY. It is now time for you to try this fashion style and perfectly achieve that rugged Korean street style look.

You can even pair this with a sneaker and a white semi-tucked plain white shirt and you are good to go. The straight cut jeans give the volume to your simple yet stylish look. It is also a go-to look for the Korean men. This modern style is a must-try for 2020.

 Bucket Hats

Most Korean men wear these when they are out in the city. Although both males and females wear it, it has a different charm when sported by guys especially the cute Korean guys. The bucket hats add that edge or flair to your outfit, so, you definitely need to try these. These hats match a variety of outfits, notably the casual and the street style.

 The Loud Colors

Muted or the monotone colors are okay and are also a trend, but the Korean fashion does not shy away from bright or pastel colors. They embrace vivid hues because shades can open many doors for style and fashion. The brilliant greens, light blues and the bright reds are examples for these colors. Korean idols and celebrities, be it men or women are often seen wearing loud colors. Wearing loud colors require a responsible balance to the intensity of colors. And again, this trend is or the bold and the brave. So, be confident and do not be afraid to try the loud colors trend in 2020.

Slacks and Trousers

If you want to achieve the semi-professional or even the professional look, you must try on slacks and trousers. Add a simple white long sleeves polo and a white sneaker, you can definitely become the eye-catcher. These pants also effortlessly embody class and refinement. You can always play along with the classy and bad guy look with these.

It’s not a crime to keep up with the latest Korean fashion trends but if you want to updated and improve your fashion taste, you must try even just one of these trends. Ride along the Korean wave and have your own personality. Fashion is about expressing one self. Get the confidence with these fashion trends and get the chance to approach the woman you have since laid your eyes on. A little effort to your getup can boost your confidence to a high degree. But always remember, having the perfect outfit goes along with good attitude.

Surely, you’ve attracted the women with how you wear but do you think they will stay attracted if you emphasize your nasty attitude? Be stylish and be courteous. So, men, ready your wardrobe. That is the first step to catch the women’s attention.

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