The Latest 2020 Korean Fashion Trends for Females

Fashion has become an important  thing to almost everyone. As we have our own tastes, likes or preferences, we also have our own fashion. A very few people might find it a waste of time or unimportant to give time dressing themselves up, but for most, it is an aesthetic expression or simply an expression. It may sound a little dramatic, but for some people, they use fashion to story-tell about something. The way they fashion themselves up tells a story and that is wholesome.

Naturally, our likes are influenced by a lot of possible factors. It could be our friends, family or even our idols. We can also be influenced by a specific country’s fashion style. One country has since been dominating the fashion industry, and that is South Korea. The global popularity of the South Korean culture has been constantly speeding up and is never stopping. This is dubbed as the Korean Wave or “Hallyu” in Korean.

The Start of Korean Fashion Trends

A lot of people craze South Korean movies, also called “K-drama”, and Korean pop also called “K-pop”. Through these two, a lot of people have been influenced by the Korean fashion. Because of that, a sheer number of designers and brands launching in Korea right now which is surely boosting their economy. For that, the Korean Government has been very supportive of the fashion industry of the county. This would mean that the emerging fashion brands won’t have much difficulty in showing off their collections to potential customers. The fashion industry is part of a country’s economy. With the Korean government realizing this, they had no hesitations in supporting or even investing for the young designers of their country.

Going back to the Korean Wave, or “Hallyu”. There is no doubt that Korean Fashion has been looked up to, especially in this generation that it reached high enough to globally influence people. Korean Fashion is unique, expressive, and reflects a good sense of individuality. By this, a lot of people follow the fashion trend. Now, what are the latest Korean fashion trends in 2020 for females? Here are some of the latest trends to take into mind for you to dress up and turn people’s heads.

Oversized Clothes        

Nothing feels comfier than wearing oversized tops or shorts, even both. Thanks to Korean fashion, we now have the obsession with everything that is oversized. It has become a goal to perfect the art of wearing oversized clothing or apparel. Wearing oversized clothing gives the cool vibe, the classy vibe, and sometimes the cute vibe for the ladies with the smaller build.

Oversized shirts or tops, cardigans, blazers, sweaters, and shorts or jeans has become a thing since it was popularized by Koreans. When wearing oversized clothing, just remember to keep the proportions right or else you will be overdoing it. The K-dramas is the main booster for this fashion trend since it is the simplest and the most popular that in most K-dramas it is portrayed. K-pop stars are one of the influencers of these trend. This is not that hard to pull off, might as well try it now, if you still haven’t.

Everything Mini

From the oversized clothes, we now go to the mini clothes. From tops, to skirts, to accessories. The “everything mini” trend has also been spreading like fire. Especially to smaller women, this is the go-to fashion trend. Because females with the smaller build typically wear these, doesn’t mean the ladies with the bigger built can. Actually, they rock this trend the best. Because it displays the curves of their bodies more which is by the way, an ART.

Of all the mini clothes you could think of, the mini skirt is probably the most popular. Mini skirts really do release the inner chic in you. It is so stylish that almost anything can go with it. You can partner it up with an oversized shirt, hoodie, cropped hoodie or even a mini top. And because there are no rules, you can always go with everything mini from the bottom to the top, that includes the accessories of course.

Distressed Jeans

In this trend is where you showcase the fun vibe. But of course, distressed jeans can also showcase the classy or the cool you. Ladies totally crush over this trend. And like mini skirt, this can also literally go with anything. This is the go-to style for the lazy dressers. This can go with anything simple. With just a simple white shirt, and any shoes or sandals, you can definitely rock runway with this.

Because this is easy to follow, a lot of people also makes their own DIYs on these. You can also try to make yours too. And because it is popular, tutorials on how to do the DIYs can just be found in the net. With just a simple click, you can watch the tutorials on making distressed jeans, also called as ripped jeans. These are also available to many online stores. If you still don’t have a ripped jeans, this might be the time to get one now. Go and display the stylish you.

Puff Sleeves

This new trend is the true representation of all the cute tops you can think of. Puff sleeves now rule the fashion world. The ladies are obsessed with puff sleeves, be it short or long or even off-shoulder. You can never go extreme with puff sleeves. If being put as an ingredient to the whole dish which is then your whole look, it is just the right amount. You will look fashionable without overdoing it.

Because it will serve like the main ingredient to your whole look, you can pair it up with anything simple; any jeans, any shorts or even a plain-colored skirt. And, you are all set for a statement look. This may also come in a cropped top or a dress. Puff sleeves do elevate your overall look and the femininity to your style. This trend is absolutely loved by the ladies, especially the girly ones.


If you don’t know a beret, it is a flat, round cap or hat, sometimes knitted or woven. Berets are in trend and have been ruling the ladies’ hearts. Adding a beret gives a quirky edge to your look. Aside from that, it can also give you give you the smart and chic look. Basically, the mix of the three; quirky edgy, smart and chic.

Berets are always present to fashion-savvy ladies’ wardrobes. It has also become a major accessory to runways. If you are a leather jackets, you can pair it up with a beret. The two go together just perfectly. And because nothing  goes wrong with black, a black beret will look amazing with anything you pair it to.

Cropped Tops, Jackets and Blazers.

There is no doubt that anything cropped will continue to rule the closets of fashion girls across the globe. Cropped tops are so fashionable that it can literally go with anything you pair it with. This adds to the slimming effect to your silhouette. These are also a go-to for the lazy dressers., not to mention, it is also a comfy clothing. You can wear a cropped top and look sexy, girly, cool, or even professional, depending of course on the lower clothing you pair it with.

Aside from the cropped tops, there are also the cropped jackets and the cropped blazers. And like the stylish berets, these are also seen on several runway shows and fashion photoshoots. Cropped jackets and cropped blazers are definitely a trend in 2020. The best thing about these cropped tops, jackets and blazers is that it gives the elongating effect that’ll make you look taller and slimmer. If you want to portray the bad, savage woman look, you definitely have to try this. A lot of female K-pop idols wear these in music videos, photoshoots and even in performances. You have to try it now, if not now, then when?

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are a fashion thing for the males, but that does not mean the ladies can’t try it. Ladies can perfectly pull-off the Bermuda shorts too. This is one of the latest Korean fashion trends that you should try. Although this has been a trend for how many years back, it has made its fashionable come back this year. This is totally wearable and easy to follow because they might already have some in their closet, not to mention, you can make your own DIY Bermuda shorts.

If you don’t know what a Bermuda short is just yet, they are over-the-knee shorts. Bermuda shorts are the cool pieces that you can add to your casual outfit. These shorts may look simple and easy to follow, but it has been on the runways and fashion shoots.  You can wear it for your edgy or professional look, but Bermuda shorts are the perfect pieces for your summer or outdoor look.

Leather Jackets and Blazers

Leather jackets and blazers are quickly gaining popularity this year. In 2019, it has been popular too. You can style these with your casual outfits and bold chain jewelry. You may see it as an add-on to your whole look, but these could also be the main eye-catcher to your whole look. This is definitely a must-have to your wardrobe.

These are also a thing for the males. Especially in a rainy season or in winter, you can definitely not go wrong with leather jackets or blazers. If you know how to ride a motorcycle, this is the perfect piece to add to your look. This gives the cool and edgy look. Leather jackets will never go out of style, because of its versatility.

Open Back Tops

The open back tops are blowing up the fashion industry. Featuring a modest front and a contrastingly shocking open back, these tops are loved by vibey fashion girls on Instagram. Exposing a little bit won’t hurt so try these tops now and slay everyone with your look.

These tops are also a thing in the summer. This gives a little sexiness to your whole look. From plain to pattered open-back tops, ladies definitely slay with these tops. Just like cropped tops, these tops can go with anything. You can wear these from your simple to sophisticated looks. It is now the season to embrace the open back tops or anything backless, so put yourself in the center of attraction with these tops.


In harmonizing your look, this is the perfect trick. So, you must sure everything goes perfectly with each other and that nothing is overpowering the other. Layering has become a huge fashion trend that is accepted and followed globally now. Korean people have always been following this trend as they know the perfect art of layering, being pioneers of course they have perfected this style. Mixing patterns, textures, prints and varied length, this is a must-see in Korean fashion. Go and experiment your next outfit ideas.

Mix and Match

Throw all the styling lessons you have learnt out the window and try to mix and match anything you could think of because again, there are no rules. Because almost everything goes in South Korean fashion, as they mix and match all kinds of looks with each other to fantastic effect.

This is a huge thing for K-pop idols, this technique gives amazing aesthetic to their performances and even music videos. A lot of K-pop lovers follow this trend and it is very pleasing to the eyes, especially when they are fashioned with amazing coordination. Break the stereotypes, widen your imagination, and try to mix and match and have the perfect “instagrammable” outfit you can come up this 2020.


The minimalist look has gotten some revival lately, but in Korean fashion, nothing’s really minimal. So even though the colors of the outfits are kept to black or white, there will be a pop of color from the hair or a statement accessory thrown into the mix to make the look stand out.

The monotone look is also a go-to for the lazy dressers. If your wardrobe is all black or all white or the mix of both, just showcase them. They can never tell what and how to wear. Embrace yourself. You will really become a head-turner even by just wearing all black or all-white. This has been a trend from few years back and it is still a trend today.


Minimalistic looks are still up in the fashion industry. Having a single logo on your shirt, be it small or big, can really make a huge impact to your overall look. Have just a logo on your outfit is good enough for you to slay.

Clothes  does not seem to be stopping anytime soon, and it will become bigger as brands are churning out more and more merchandise based on this trend. Do not be afraid when wearing logos, the thing is to go full on in one logo type, but keep the look simple in the same color palette.

Big Shades

In the fashion world, when it comes to shades, the larger the better. This has been consistently on trend. With different sized and shapes, these can give you a unique look. In the summer season, this is a huge thing. Almost everyone will have their shades on, so be the attention-seeker and put on the big shades that you have.

Aside from wearing it in the summer season, big shades can also be a good add-on to your edgy and professional look. In K-dramas, the antagonists do wear this accessory. Taking it off in a slow motion and whipping the hair a little bit gives a moment of awe. You should try it now or if not, at least have it in your wardrobe.


The look involves lots of ruffles to add volume and texture to any outfit instantly. Ruffled tops have been a hit with Koreans, with actresses donning them in many K-Dramas lately. They are also an easy way to “dress up” any outfit, as they give the illusion that you are primp and proper in your dressing.

If you want to achieve the cutie look, you can do the ruffles gaming. With the ruffles accent, you can definitely achieve the cute look. Aside from the cute look, you can use this for your professional or edgy look, paired with jeans and heels. You will rock this outfit simply.

Trend of Empowerment

It’s 2020 and women empowerment is dominating the world. Gone are the days when women are being looked down. Instead, they soar higher than people expect them to soar. Of course, there are also Korean fashion trends you should try now that’s all about empowering women. Women definitely are power. Definitely.

To honor the constant fight for equality, these trends surface the fashion industry. Empowered women empower women. Without speaking a word, you can promote women empowerment by wearing these Korean fashion trends that showcase the strong woman in you. Be empowered, feel empowered. Check out these trends dominating in 2020.

Blazer Dress

Confidence is key. These outfit will give you the confidence and exhibit the sexiness in you. A little pinch of feminine look mixed with empowerment is the perfect combination, wear a blazer dress. Added with details, be it lacy or ruffles, you can have the look with the right balance of sexy and empowerment.

Now, you can call this a powerful look. You can then effortlessly slay any event in a very empowering way. Slap on an outfit that makes you feel like the powerful, amazing woman you are. No one can tell you what to wear and how to wear.

Oversized Suit

Compare to normal suit, the oversized suit gives us more of a “large and in charge” kind of feeling. The modern fashion designers revisited the oversized fashion trend in the 1980s and led it back to the center of the spotlight.

This outfit idea creates the powerful smart look. If you fond of watching K-dramas with a female lead. You can see this outfit most of the time in K-dramas with female CEO protagonist and even antagonist. This is the perfect executive look, elegant, classy and superior.

Athleisure Style

The athleisure trend shows no signs of abating, and could only get even stronger in 2020. The South Koreans have been championing this trend for some time now, and they do it best by keeping their looks comfortable yet chic.

Athleisure represents free spirit as well as the freedom we have as modern women. We can still be sporty and sexy without showing too much skin with the athleisure style. Boost your confidence with this style. This fabricated style of clothing typically worn during athletic activities and in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions.

Some Thoughts about Fashion

As much as it is never wrong to follow the trend few years back, it is also never wrong to ride in what’s in the latest trends. Although, most of our time now, we are inside our homes because of the pandemic. You can always still be on track with the Korean fashion trends. Showcase the fashionable you in Instagram. And when the pandemic is gone, you will be fully-prepared to rock the outside world with your constantly updated fashion style.

Be updated on what’s new, follow the trend, slay, and impress. Charter the latest fashion and style trends directly from the runways, street style, A-list celebrities, influencers, social media, and more. More importantly, never forget to be you. Be your own kind of style. These fashion trends are there for you to improve and give you the ideas to being more you. After all, we dress not to impress others but to let ourselves free and eventually be more confident in the way we always wanted to be.

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