The 2021 Summer Korean Fashion Trends

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Summer in South Korea has arrived! And along with the hot temperature comes the hot fashion trends that have everyone on their feet. 

To withstand the humid weather, summer is all about loose, baggy, and comfortable clothes. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less fashionable. 

Here are the 2021 summer Korean fashion trends that famous celebrities are sporting. 

Crochet Tops

It seems like sustainable and handmade fashion is slowly climbing up the ranks of trends that are having a comeback. If you take a look at online shops and fashion hubs in Seoul, you’d notice the sudden appearance of crochet tops. It’s been around for years but it hasn’t failed in entering the list of trends every now and then.

This Boho fashion item is recently seen in K-pop girl group TWICE on their latest summer comeback ‘Alcohol-Free.’ And while their stage outfits can be quite overwhelming for an everyday look, it shouldn’t stop you from purchasing one for yourself this summer. 

Ruffled Dresses and Skirts

Ruffles are not the newest of trends but they never really went out of style, did they? 

This fashion trend has been making rounds all over South Korea and can be seen in different kinds of clothing pieces. And though we are used to seeing ruffles grace blouses and tops, the current trend is to see them featured in dresses and tops. 

The industry’s girl crushes wore a ruffled piece or two and nothing screams more but “feminine!”

Loose Denim Shorts

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Remember when we said loose doesn’t mean unfashionable? If you need more proof, loose denim shorts have been around for years but you don’t see anyone sporting less than fashionable in those. 

And it’s perfect for summer! The loose fit will keep us well-ventilated amidst the humid weather. And if you’re scared of baggy clothes making you lose your curves, don’t worry. Some loose pieces can accentuate silhouettes and make notable changes in your proportions. 

Loose denim shorts, especially high-waisted ones, gives the illusion of bigger hips and leaner legs. They keep your legs dry too, away from the suffocating fit of skinny bottoms. 

Boxy T-Shirts

We all have this kind of shirt. The type we wear when we’re just lazing around the house, the kind we wear to sleep. But! Make no mistake. This piece is very easy to pair with different types of bottoms and shoes. 

In fact, K-pop idols are always seen wearing boxy t-shirts! On their day-offs, on the way to music shows, on rehearsals, or even on their aesthetically pleasing to look at Instagram photos. 

Boxy t-shirts are also another perfect summer piece. They’re loose so you are well-ventilated and can be worn on a casual day out with friends. 

Headbands and Caps

Never out of trend, never out of style. Perfect for all seasons but most definitely cuter for summer. Nothing beats a good old headband and cap to keep our hair out from being an annoying inconvenience in the summer. 

Our K-pop stars can show that you can pair a beaten baseball cap with a bright red dress and still look as dashing as ever. 

Loose Dresses

Loose and baggy dresses are not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a pretty intimidating piece to wear. But our K-pop girls sure know how to show everyone to try the trend! 

It’s summer, it’s hot and the sun rays are more stinging than ever but another perfect piece of this weather is a loose dress. You are well-ventilated but also modestly covered up! So pick on your summer color and strut that on a dress. 

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